Tuesday, 21 July 2015

JAW DISORDER is a common cause of EAR PAIN

A lot of patients that gone into doctor’s clinics complaining of ear pain and think that they have an ear infection based on the theory that the pain is coming from the ear.  Some patients are indeed diagnosed with ear infections. But most of time, the patients get a surprise because there was nothing wrong with the ears. A common cause of ear pain in adults is the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD.

The distance between the ear canal, middle ear and the temporomandibular joint is millimeters. The surrounding muscles and ligaments that hold the TMJ in place have an intricate connection with the ear and also the nerves that surround the ear.  Each can affect the other.
Some patients experience constant pain in one ear or both, in some cases for several weeks. The pain may come and go. Most of cases the hearing hasn't been affected but there are some cases that experience a stuffy or blocked feeling in the ear. Ear pain is often worse at night or in the morning. Sometimes people have felt that the ear pain gets worse when they chew or yawn. The people who experience ear pain symptoms like these should suspect that their ear pain is due to TMD not an ear infection.

A TMJ disorder is often caused by an abnormal or uneven force being applied to the TMJ. The joints are under considerable stress and may also cause people to experience tinnitus or ringing in the ears. The good news is that TMD ear pain and dysfunction often completely resolves with proper TMD treatment.  If you have any suspicions about your ear pain and TMD, feel free to contact or visit us here at Chiropractic Specialty Centre.  In our offices there are non-surgical treatment options available for those who are suffering from TMD related conditions. The methods of care we use for TMD are more effective than other center because our treatment is based on combine principals of physiotherapy along with advanced chiropractic manipulative and corrective therapy.

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