Spine and Joint Treatment

There are many centers that offer Spine and Joint Treatments in Kuala Lumpur.  Our methods of treatments are through the combined use of Advanced Technology, Clinical Physiotherapy and Research-Based Chiropractic in Malaysia.  In fact, our treatments have helped many avoid surgical intervention.  We have also helped those that surgery worsened. So, if you are in pain visit us and discover clinical chiropractic backed with physiotherapists and advanced technology.  Our system of care is designed to get you back to doing what you love most. We can help you reclaim your life.

Your spine is a pile of bones, one on top of the other. Between those bones you have joints. Joints allow your back to move and make sure it doesn’t move too far. Joints support the weight of the body and help to protect the spinal cord and the nerves that travel out into the body from the spinal cord. They are wonderful when they work correctly. They can cause massive pain and problems when they don’t work correctly.

Good Joints / Bad Joints What makes a good joint go bad? Lots of reasons, including disease, but it usually it comes down to some form of trauma or abuse. Trauma can be classified as either macro or micro. Macro trauma includes injuries like those sustained in sports, work accidents or from car accidents. Micro trauma comes from injuries sustained from repetitive movements we do day-in and day-out along from poor sitting, standing or sleeping postures. Also, using the joint too much, putting too much stress on it or not using it enough, these can all cause a joint to malfunction and cause pain.
Let’s say you sit at a desk and work on a computer all day.

You don’t move much more than your fingers for hours at a time. Your joints rely on movement to circulate the lubricating and nourishing fluids in them. By barely moving you are causing your joints to starve and rust. Overuse also ruins joints. Hitting golf balls, tennis balls, throwing cricket balls or just typing for hours, doing the same thing over and over wears joints out and causes muscle and tendon fatigue along with it. Too much or too little use and it all results in damage and pain.

Spine an joint conditions will cause pain. Often the pain becomes apparent when the condition has deteriorated. What kind of pain can you expect from a spine and joint condition? The simple answer is: all kinds of pain in all kinds of places. In other words, it can affect any joint at any time when there is a malfunction and no one is immune. It can be mild to excruciating. It can pretend to be a disc injury in that you get so much pain you get locked into one position and can’t move and it can cause pain to radiate down your legs and arms. Joint pain can be treated without drugs or surgery. If you have pain, don’t ignore it. Get it properly treated and diagnosed today.

Chiropractic Specialty Centers are specially geared to treat all kinds of spine and joint problems. Our methods of spine and joint care have a proven track record. We have the best clinical teams of Chiropractic in Kuala Lumpur.  Call or visit our center to experience clinical excellence today. We have literally treated thousand of patients successfully, some were patients that others failed to get better. Our staff of research based American chiropractors and clinical physiotherapists are second to none. Our technology is far superior to others. In fact, the technology we deploy in our centers is an integral part of the successes we have enjoyed.

While there are many that treat spine and joint conditions, there is only one that succeeds when others fail. Chiropractic Specialty Centers are the experts that experts send their family to for care. Our patients include doctors, nurses, hospital directors, VIPS and even heads-of-states. They chose us because of our skills, knowledge and abilities. If you are in pain call us. We can help!.

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