Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jaw pain treatment without surgery or injection in Malaysia

jaw disorder is a common cause of ear pain, tinnitus and Meniere's disease

Get rid of jaw pain, tinnitus, and ear pain without surgery.

Jaw disorder is a common cause of ear pain. In fact, when your jaw joint is not functioning correctly, it can cause ear pain, ringing in ears, neck pain, headaches, and even migraines. The vast majority of pateints that suffer from tinnitus or miners disease will have some degree of jaw issues. The sad news is that few doctors realize this fact or offer comprehensive treatments that address problems that arise from the jaw joint. In this article, we will elaborate on jaw issues (TMD or Temporomandibular Disorder)

So without delay, let's start looking why a jaw issue is causing your pain. Your ear canal and the structures located in the middle ear are only a few millimeters away from your jaw joint. But more importantly, the jaw tissues have connections to the middle ear. The pad that separates the two bones that forms the jaw joint is called the disc or disck. The jaw disc or TMJ disc allows for motions and absorbs the impact of biting and chewing food. This disc is a critical part of the jaw joint. Functionally, it has the same importance as the discs in your spine. Similarly, they can slip or get damages.

The article disc of the TMJ (the pad separating the two jawbones) is connected to the ligaments and muscles of the jaw joint. The clinical significance of the jaw disc and ear symptoms is the fact that this disc has fibers that connect to the middle year. Yes, your jaw joint is directly related to your middle ear. As such, when problems arise in the jaws in can also cause symptoms in the ears. Most common symptoms caused is noise sensitivity, ringing in the ears, dizziness, headaches, nausea, and even neck pain. At the chiropractic center in Bukit Damansara, we have treated hundreds of pateints that suffered from ear pain, tinnitus, Meniere's disease successfully by addressing issues in the jaws and neck.

How Tinnitus and Meniere's Disease can occur from Jaw Issues Even When your Jaws Don't Hurt?

We have treated thousands of jaw pateints. The vast majority of these patients didn't even realize they had jaw issues. The jaw joint is the only structure that has no pain-sensing nerve fibers. So, when problems occur, it is hard to link it to jaw pain. This difficulty is not just seen with pateints that have ear pain, tinnitus or Meniere's disease, but sadly doctors that treat pateints. The reason why our creator did not put pain-sensing nerve fibers in our jaw joint is so that we can continue eating and talking with a TMD (jaw disorder or temporomandibular disorder). So, since there are no pain-sensing nerve fibers, jaw issues go on undetected and unresolved. Well, that will not happen when you get care from our clinical teams of chiropractors and physiotherapists. 

We have the best chiropractors in Malaysia. But, chiropractic is not enough. You will also need physiotherapy. For chiropractic or physiotherapy to help, care must be focused, and comprehensive. The most critical part of care is an accurate diagnosis. So, if you have had neck issues, headaches, ear pain, tinnitus or Meniere's disease that others can not resolve, visit us. We are the premier spine and joint treatment center in Malaysia. The care you get from our clinical collaborative teams is enriched with breakthrough technology. In short, we treat you better. Call our main center at 03 2093 1000 to find more information about the best non-surgical treatment option for jaw pain in Malaysia. Our clinical teams can treat TMJ (jaw pain) and the associated conditions without surgery or injections. We are your best hope in getting you back to a healthy, active state. 

JAW DISORDER is a common cause of EAR PAIN treatment

Jaw disorder and symptoms caused by them are often the result of injuries sustained. Sports injuries, fights, excessive yawning, chewing gum, resting the chin on hand are a common cause of jaw disorder. But, the most common cause of TMJ pain or jaw issues is dental work or medical procedures. Going to your dentist regularly is good. However, prolonged dental procedures such as root canals or surgical interventions that keep your mouth open for prolonged periods can damage the jaw joint. Gastrointestinal scopes are the second most common causes of jaw issues. So, have your jaws thoroughly evaluated if you developed ear sensitivity, ear pain, tinnitus or Meniere's disease after these procedures. 

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