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Tennis elbow – Lateral epicondylitis Treatment in Malaysia

lateral epicondylitis and tennis elbow shown

What is Tennis Elbow and How shoul it be treated?

You do not need to be a tennis player to get a tennis elbow. If you are involved in a repetitive sport or occupational activity and you are having lateral elbow pain, you may have a tennis elbow. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury to the origin of the forearm muscles. Activities that involve repeated forceful gripping and twisting of the wrist and forearm can cause damage to the extensor muscles origin, especially the extensor carpi radialis brevis origin.

Individuals who are active in tennis or other racquet sports are more likely to get tennis elbow. Amateur tennis players with the poor backhand technique are at higher risk of tennis elbow. Whereas forehand or serving may be the cause of tennis elbow in professional tennis players. Patients often complained of lateral elbow pain caused by or aggravated by the repetitive strenuous use of the hand and forearm such as gripping a screwdriver or lifting a heavy load. Meat cutters, plumbers, and carpenters are examples of those who are more likely to be affected.

Resisted wrist extension or middle finger extension may be weak and painful. Stretching of the forearm extensor muscles may be painful. The range of motion of the wrist may be limited due to pain. Positive chair test is another indicator of tennis elbow. The patient is required to lift up a light chair by the chair back with the palm facing the floor. Most of the patients with tennis elbow are unable to perform the test due to the pain in the forearm.

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