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Ankle Sprain: Cause and Best Treatment in Malaysia

Ankle pain treatment in Malaysia

Ankle Sprain treatment without surgery or injections in Malaysia

It is widespread to twist and injured the ankle. Ankle ligaments are small, slightly elastic tissues that connect adjacent bones together. An ankle sprain involves ligament damage of differing severity due to a sudden stretch. These ankle ligaments are prone to tear when walking, running, or jumping on uneven surfaces. The more common inversion sprains occur when the foot is rolled onto the outside of the foot, stretching the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. The less common eversion sprains exert the damaging force on the ligaments on the inner side of the ankle when the foot is rolled onto the inner side of the foot.

Symptoms of a sprained ankle include ankle pain and swelling. Bruising and discoloration of the foot and ankle may happen. Inability to weight-bear on the injured ankle and difficulty moving the ankle are common symptoms of an ankle sprain.

The treatment for a non-complicated ankle sprain is PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Use ankle support to protect the joint from further injury if necessary. Relative rest and avoid putting weight on the ankle to prevent further damage to the ankle. Apply an ice pack to the sprained ankle for 20 minutes every 2 hours can reduce the inflammation and pain. Apply compression band around the ankle to reduce the swelling. Elevate the injured ankle to minimize fluid retention in the foot.

The recovery duration for an ankle sprain can range from one week to six months depends on the severity of the ligament damage. Seek immediate medical or health care attention if you are unable to bear the weight of your body on the ankle or obvious deformity is noted. In certain circumstances, X-rays of the foot may be needed to rule out fractures.

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