Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back Pain: Confusing Signs and Symptoms in Malaysia

lower back pain

Learn how you can have back problems, and yet no back pain?

“I don’t have pain in the lower back, but I have pain and numbness in the leg. How can it be possible that the problem is coming from the back?” This is a common question from patients. In fact, it is not uncommon that people with low back issues present symptoms in the legs only. Some individuals with a slipped disc in the lower back may have numbness or pain in the great toe. So, what are the connections between the legs and the lower back?

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The spinal nerves in the lower back give out small branches that travel down the legs. These nerves form the lower back carry all the information to and from the skin, joints, and muscles in the legs. Therefore, all the sensations, joint position sense, and muscle strengths of the legs are mainly controlled by the nerves in the lower back. Basically, the nerves in the lower back play a significant role in what you are feeling in the legs and how you move your legs.

If a nerve is irritated at the spinal level or in the lower back, it is possible to have radicular pain, numbness, or weakness in the legs. The spinal nerve from different segments of the lower back supplies specific areas in the legs. For example, L5 nerve roots provide the nerves to the muscles that raise the foot, and L5 nerve roots also carry the sensory information from the top of the foot. If the L5 nerve roots are irritated or pinched, there will be a weakness in the muscles that raise the foot and/or pain and numbness on top of the foot.

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