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Rehabilitation exercises for sprained ankle in Malaysia

Normal finings of a healthy ankle

How to recover from an Ankle Injury without injections or surgery?

Foot pain and ankle pain resulting from injuries require attention and targeted treatments. Our ankle pain and foot pain treatment in Malaysia is better and more effective than what others offer. Let us help you recover today. Ankle injuries treated through our methods of treatments helps you recover faster as we target the injured or malfunctional segments better.

Following an ankle sprain, several exercises can hasten the recovery process and strengthen the ankle to prevent re-injury. These exercises involve mobility, strengthening, and proprioception/balance exercises.

Mobility exercises
Move the ankle up and down in a seated or standing position. This helps to increase the range of joint movement, and the pumping effect helps to reduce the swelling. Avoid sideways motion in the early stage of injury as this may irritate the lateral ligaments. Alphabet or Number writing with the foot can be performed in the later stage of healing. Engage in weight-bearing exercises as soon as possible to accelerate the healing process

Strengthening exercises
Strengthening exercises can be performed in all range of motion of the ankle. Dorsiflexion (moving the foot upwards) and plantarflexion (moving the foot downwards) can be done by using the other foot to provide resistance. Inversion (moving the foot inwards) and eversion (moving the foot outwards) can be performed by pushing the inside and outside of the foot against a table or chair leg.

Proprioception/Balance training
Heel to toe balance exercise helps to train the ankle proprioception. Stand with one foot immediately behind the other foot. Hold the position for 30 seconds without losing balance. Progress the exercise with eyes closed. Make sure you stand beside the wall or have something to hold on when you lose balance. Wobble board exercises can develop ankle proprioception as well as leg muscles strength.

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