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Ulnar Nerve Compression and Injury at the Wrist

Guyn's canal and ulnar nerve

Best Treatment for Ulnar Nerve Compression in Malaysia

Guyon's canal or the ulnar nerve canal is a passageway for the transversing ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve supplies the 5th finger and outer parts of the hand. The Carpal tunnel, on the other hand, is a tunnel or passageway for the median nerve. The median nerve controls your palms and fingers, except the pinky or the 5th finger, which is controlled by the ulnar nerve. Compression of the ulnar nerve leads to neuropathy of the hand and 5th finger. Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers the best wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Malaysia. Visit us today for the best non-surgical wrist pain treatment today.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and Guyon's canal nerve compression are the two most common neurological pathology that results in numbness and paresthesia in the wrist. As the ulnar nerve passes through the tunnel of Guyon’s in hand, it can be compressed and irritated at this site. The radial side

The tunnel of Guyon’s is bounded by the hook of hamate whereas the ulnar side of the tunnel is bounded by the pisiform. The most common symptoms of ulnar nerve compression include pain, tingling, and numbness in the little finger and half of the fourth finger on the ulnar side. Weakness usually develops in the later stage or certain severe cases. There may be difficulty in opening jars, holding objects, or performing subtle movements of the hand and fingers such as typing or playing a musical instrument.

Ulnar nerve injury is widespread in cyclists with poor bike fit or those who did not perform relaxed handlebar grip positions. These will result in injury and nerve damage as the hands need to support the body weight throughout the whole duration of the ride. Baseball players, in particular catchers, are more prone to ulnar nerve injury from repeated trauma when catching a ball. This can happen in karate players too.

Conservative treatment involves splinting, correction of cyclist’s grip on the handlebars, physiotherapy to reduce inflammation and swelling and chiropractic treatments. For the best carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: visit a Chiropractic Specialty Center® near you today.

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