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Tailbone pain treatment for coccydynia in Malaysia

Tailbone pain

Tailbone pain and Buttocks Pain Treatment in Malaysia

Buttocks pain arises from issues with the tailbone or the low back. It can also come from neglected hip issues. 

Lower back issues such as slipped disc, muscle spasms, ligament damage, and joint degenerations are leading causes of buttocks pain. Other causes include issues with the tailbone. The tail bone is a triangular bone made of the sacrum and coccyx. Sacral pain is common in kids and adults. It results from a slip and falls or poor posture. Slip, and falls or poor posture can also impact the tip of your tailbone, coccyx. A pail coccyx is called coccygeal pain or coccydynia. 

Learn more about the best tailbone pain treatment for coccydynia in Malaysia.

The lumbar spine is also a leading cause of tailbone pain, coccygeal pain (coccydynia), or painful buttocks. Abnormalities of the structures in the lumbar spine may result in a referred pain in the buttocks. Part of the management of referred pain from the lumbar spine should address the abnormalities in the lower back. However, in some chronic, long-standing cases, the area of referred pain may need to be treated to achieve maximum medical improvements.

In chronic cases of referred pain, local areas of tenderness may be revealed upon palpation of the muscles in the buttock. Soft tissue abnormalities are most commonly found in gluteal muscles, external rotators of the hip, and lumbar multifidus. Taut fibrous band and muscle tightness are widespread. Active or latent trigger points can be found within the muscles.

What is the best treatment for buttocks pain and back pain in Malaysia?

Pain in buttocks and coccydynia is best treated through the combined efforts our expert physiotherapist and chiropractors in Malaysia. Our clinical teams will use specialized medical and therapy devices as well as manual methods to fix and repair the actual cause of pain in your buttocks. In addition to customized chiropractic and physiotherapy, we will provide you with home care exercises for lasting relief from back pain. 

Best treatment for tailbone pain in Malaysia

An integrated approach for the management of lower back pain to address the abnormalities in the lumbar spine are shown to yield significant improvements. Local electrical stimulation therapy can decrease inflammation and pain. Mobilization and manipulation of the spine can remove joint movement restrictions. Soft tissue therapy can reduce muscle tension and pain around the lower back and buttocks region. Home stretches for the tight muscle should be given to improve the flexibility of the muscle. Strengthening exercises for the lumbar spine should be commenced gradually and progressively to prevent reoccurrence of the injury.

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