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Back Pain and Iliopsoas Muscle Treatment in Malaysia

Best back pain treatment in Malaysia

Iliopsoas muscle and back pain treatment in Malaysia

Back pain caused by malfunction of the iliopsoas muscles in implicated as the culprit in most cases of back pain conditions seen in our centers in Malaysia. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of back pain and back disorder for most in Malaysia. Unfortunately, some of the competing centers lack the skills and knowledge needed to accurately assess and give appropriate care that targets the root cause of your condition. However, when you visit a Chiropractic Specialty Cetner®, you will be assessed by the best of chiropractors in Malaysia. Contact us today.

The clinical teams of Chiropractic-in-Malaysia blog wanted to bring to light the harmful impacts of iliopsoas malfunction and the treatment options you need for quick recovery. Should you have any questions, please contact our central office at 03 2093 1000. We are the premier back pain treatment center in Malaysia.

The iliopsoas, a muscle complex that contributes to hip flexion, plays a significant role in the speed of sprinting. Most of the research in the literature neglected this primary hip flexor, and this has been limiting our ability to enhance an athlete’s sprint performance. The understanding of the biomechanical components of sprinting is necessary, and it is essential to focus on this hip flexor as iliopsoas have the most enormous influence in recovery from pain. Stretching of a shortened muscle can reduce the risk of injury during sports activity.

Dynamic Stretch for Iliopsoas

Stand near to a wall or other supporting object to stabilize the body during the stretch. Flex the hip and knee, bring the knee as close to the chest as possible while keeping the lower back straight. Then bring the hip into extension with an additional force exerted at the end of the hip extension. Perform this motion for 15 seconds and repeat the same procedure on the opposite leg. The trunk needs to be upright, and avoidance of internal and external rotation of the hip throughout the whole stretching exercises is necessary to prevent injury and to isolate the iliopsoas muscle.

Static Stretch for Iliopsoas

Start in the lunge position with the leg of the iliopsoas being stretched behind the body with the knee slightly bent. Slowly lower the hips until you a moderate stretch is felt in the iliopsoas muscle. Maintain the stretch for 30 seconds. Or while in this position with the iliopsoas elongated, oscillated downwards for 15 seconds.

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