Friday, 11 November 2016

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain in Malaysia

Abnormal movement of a spinal segment can be associated with lower back pain. Either too much or too little movement of an isolated intervertebral segment can be a major component of lower back pain. Constant irritation of the surrounding soft tissue as a result of isolated segmental hypermobility or possible structural lumbar instability. Correction of spinal segments with restricted joint movement is a major part of the treatment program.

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Trigger points are specific sensitive pain-producing points located in tight muscles or fascias that can refer pain to other areas. Trigger points associated with lower back pain are commonly found in quadratus lumborum, erector spinae, gluteal and piriformis muscle. Trigger points may or may not be the initial problem however these can cause significant pain in patients with lower back conditions. The pain resulted from active trigger points with associated muscle spasm or tightness can further aggravate the abnormalities in the underlying joints. Therefore, the resultant pain from trigger points and muscle tightness must be addressed and treated properly.

In an acute low back pain case, abnormalities of the joints are more likely to be the major source of pain. In a chronic low back pain case, muscular and neural abnormalities must be taken into consideration. These components should be treated and re-assessment should be performed from time to time to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments.

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