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Best Slipped Disc Treatment in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

Fix and Repair your Slipped Disc Without Surgery in Malaysia

Slip disc or slipped disc is a layperson term used for bulges, herniations, prolapsed, protrusions, extrusion or fragmentation os the spinal disc. A slipped disc can vary in severity. It is the most common cause of paralysis and disability in persons under the age of 50.

Slipped disc (slip-disc) is a common condition impacting the lives of thousands in Malaysia. The best means of treating a slip-disc si through conservative treatments. However, for a conservative measure to work, they will need to be condition-specific and highly focused.

Spinal disc issues can occur at any of the 24 spinal segments. However, slip discs are more common in the neck and low back.

What caused your slip disc in the low back?

The most common cause of slip disc is degenerative changes in the spinal discs. Degenerative disc disease is a condition caused by increased intradiscal pressure (increased pressure inside the spinal disc). The intradiscal pressure increase in activities that require bending or twisting at the waist and prolonged sitting. Slouching forward while sitting is said to most harmful of all activities.

chiropractic Vs spine surgery in Malaysia

Slip disc has been one of the most common causes of lower back pain in Malaysia. Pain originating from the intervertebral disc has been thought to be one of the causative reasons for a lower back injury. Intervertebral disc with extra nerve supply, especially the inner part of the spinal disc, can be one of the factors leading to discogenic low back pain. Recent research has shown that only painful discs demonstrate additional nerve ingrowth into the inner spinal disc. This may result in non-specific discogenic low back pain with or without radicular symptoms in the lower limbs. Innervation of a healthy spinal disc is only limited to the outer one-third of the spinal disc. Positive MRI findings for painful disc may include a loss of disc height, degeneration of the spinal disc, the presence of hyper-intensity zone or annular tear, and Modic changes.

Is spine surgery or injections right for slip-disc?

spine surgery for slip disc

Injections or spine surgery are risky and ineffective in the long-term. A spinal injection is painful and has nasty side-effects, including paralysis and death!. The so-called minimally invasive spine surgery is not any better. Patients who have received the minimally invasive spine surgery will require additional spine surgery in the future. The worse of all spine procedures are the facet spacers and nuceloplasty. Nuceloplasty or percutaneous discectomy is touted as minimal spine surgery. However, what most surgeon neglect to tell you is that research published calls a ban on this method of spine surgery. A recently published article puts the failure rate of nuceloplasty or percutaneous discectomy at 100%. Contact us before you consider spine surgery in Malaysia. Consult one of our non-surgical spine experts today. We have treated thousands of slipped disc pateints who were told to have spine fusions non-surgically. Spine fusion has the second-highest failure rate. Nuceloplasty was once the to-go-to forms of surgeryA U.S. government back research found 76% failure rate in spine fusions.

Spinal disc tears and Back Pain

The hyperintensity tear within the annular fiber is a localized area of bright zones commonly found on T2-weighted MRI on the outer layer of the disc. These lesions represent the normal lamellar structure being replaced by disorganized granulation tissue with newly formed blood vessels which can extend from the outer layer to the inner nucleus pulposus. There are a few types of tear, including radial, transverse or concentric, which may involve one or many layers of the annular lamellae. These tears may be associated with lower back pain. These tears which are replaced by disorganized granulation tissues with additional blood vessels can lead to nerve ingrowth. Hence, the injured disc with extra nerve supply is capable of producing pain when force is being exerted on the spinal disc or when it is being irritated.

Where can you get the best slip disc treatment in Malaysia?

Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best slip disc treatment in Malaysia. Our methodology and breakthrough spine technology are the reasons why we are the best. W get better results when compared to competing centers. Our gaols, as with a slipped disc, is to repair and fix the damage without surgery or injections. That is where our breakthrough spine technology and advanced methods of chiropractic combined with physiotherapy comes in.

spinal decompression therapy Malaysia

RxDecom® is the best spinal decompression therapy device in Malaysia. It can target any segment in the neck or the low back for non-surgical decompression. The goals with the RxDecom® (spinal decompression therapy) is to increase blood flow to the disc while aiding the disc to retract. Spinal decompression, coupled with corrective chiropractic and physiotherapy has sur[apassed other forms of slipped disc treatments.

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