Thursday, 27 April 2017

Elbow Pain Treatment in Malaysia

There are different causes and various types of injury that can lead to elbow pain. A health care practitioner should first identify the major causes of pain so that the treatment can be targeted at reducing or correcting the anomalies. Chiropractic care and physiotherapy in Malaysia are proven to be able to reduce the symptoms of most elbow injuries with a musculoskeletal cause. However, there is no one single treatment has proven to be highly effective in treating a musculoskeletal condition of the elbow joint. A multi-modal treatment approach has been proven to be effective in resolution of the symptoms of most musculoskeletal based elbow injuries.

The treatment approach to address the musculoskeletal problems that leads elbow pain is similar to other treatments for soft tissue injuries. Initially the main goal of the treatment is to control the pain and promote the healing process. Restoration of flexibility and strength of the muscles and connective tissues can be achieved by active and passive stretching and strengthening exercises. Manual therapy, chiropractic adjustment and therapeutic modalities can be effective to treat associated factors such as increased neural tension and referred pain. Gradual return to sports activity can be achieved with functional strengthening exercises. Correction of the predisposing factors, especially poor techniques during sports activities, is very crucial in preventing re-occurrence of the same injury. 

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