Friday, April 7, 2017

Corrective Neck Pain and Slip-Disc Treatment in Malaysia

Fix and Repair Neck Pain without Surgery or Injections

Chronic neck and back pain is becoming an epidemic in Malaysia and is affecting a lot of people at different stages of their life. One of the reasons for the development of chronic neck and back pain is the sedentary lifestyle that we are adopting due to the advances of technologies. Occupations or habits that require repeated heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, prolonged desk work, or activities that involve repeated axial loading can cause damage to the spinal disc in the neck and back. People with a genetic predisposition to early degeneration of the spinal disc or inflammatory disease are at a higher risk of developing slip disc in the neck and back.

The C6/C7 disc is the most commonly affected spinal segment in the cervical spine. Slip disc at this level will cause irritation and compression of the C7 nerve root. Common symptoms of slip disc at this level include neck pain, posterior arm pain, triceps weakness, wrist drop, and numbness, tingling or burning sensation of the middle finger. Slip disc at C5/C6 and C7/T1 levels are the second most commonly affected spinal segments in the neck.

Slip disc injuries at different levels that are symptomatic can cause pain and sensory changes in a specific pattern according to the dermatomal distribution and weakness in specific muscles. The symptoms in each slip disc cases may be different but normally involve neck pain, radicular pain, paresthesias, and progressive weakness. 

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