Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Caused of Knee Pain after Sports Activity in Malaysia

Acute knee Injury in Malaysia

Non-surgical Knee Injury Treatment in Malaysia

Acute knee pain is widespread. It can occur during sports, especially football, basketball, netball, and alpine skiing. These activities involve a lot of twisting around the knee joint and sudden changes of direction. These movements will put additional stress on the knee joint if there is insufficient muscle strength to support the knee. Acute knee injuries can be disastrous for athletes as they can lead to disability, time off sport, and recurrent injuries.

The knee actually involves two different joints that are located very close to each other. The tibiofemoral joint consists of the thigh bone (femur) and the leg bone (tibia).  This tibiofemoral joint is commonly referred to as the knee joint. Medial and lateral collateral ligaments, anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and the meniscus that is associated with the tibiofemoral joint are the primary stabilizers of this joint. The patellofemoral joint consists of the knee cap (patellar) and the thigh bone (femur). The stability of the joint comes from the medial reticulum and the patellar tendon/ligament.

Each and every ligament associated with the knee and the meniscus play a different role to provide stability to the joint. Therefore understanding the mechanism of injury during history taking can provide crucial information to find out the most likely injured structures in the knee. However, there will be damage to multiple associated structures when there is ligamentous damage in the knee. A holistic treatment approach for knee pain that involves ligamentous injury should also address the other related structures.

Where can you Get the Best Knee Pain Treatment in Malaysia Today?

Consider conservative non-surgical treatments first if you have knee pain or an acute knee injury. Avoid surgeries and injection as they need repeating. To recover without surgery, you need knee pain experts that can fix and repair the damage without injections or surgery.

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