Friday, May 12, 2017

Rehabilitation Program for Spine and Joint in Malaysia

The two ypes of spine and joint treatment in Malaysia

Opt for the best Spine and Joint Treatment Center in Malaysia

The conservative management of a musculoskeletal injury should include a multi-modal treatment program that may consist of chiropractic care and physiotherapy to address different aspects of the injury. The initial treatment approach involves pain management and preventing further damage to the injured structures and tissues. This part of the treatment program may give the patient a pain-free period while able to return to activities of daily living. However, the rehabilitation exercises in the latter part of the treatment program are needed so that the patient can return more aggressive sports injury and prevent reoccurrence of the same condition.

Rehabilitation is necessary after musculoskeletal injuries and post-surgery. Rehabilitation allows a patient or athlete to return to vigorous activities of daily living or sports with full function in the shortest possible time. If rehabilitation after a musculoskeletal injury is not done correctly, the damaged site may be re-injured again easily. Other than that, the joints or soft tissues adjacent to the injured site are at a higher risk of injury as the patient may compensate with other parts of the body to perform the activities. An athlete may not be performing at his or her best state or even may not be able to perform at their pre-injury standard.

Spinercise is a device designed specifically for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, especially for lower back and knee injuries. Spinercise helps to strengthen the specific muscles required to provide stability to the joints. 

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