Sunday, 11 June 2017

Adductor Muscle Strain in Malaysian Athletes

Adductor muscle strains are very common among athletes whose running involved sudden changes of direction. The location of the pain is usually very easy to identify as the pain usually present at the belly of the adductor longus at the inner thigh or near the origin on the inferior ramus. The pain normally will start immediately after the injury. Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can help to increase the healing rate and reduce the time required to get back to sports. Stretching of the adductor muscle with passive hip abduction can cause the pain. Resisted adduction will cause active contraction of the muscle can cause pain at the injured site too.

PRICE regimen for acute injury should be initiated within 48 hours after the injury to reduce the swelling and bleeding at the injured site. PRICE regimen includes protection, relative rest, ice, compression and elevation. Early stretching of the adductor muscle is not recommended for treating acute muscle strain as this may cause chronic tendinopathy of the adductors in the future. Progressive strengthening exercises such as pain-free range of motion (adduction and abduction) can be commenced after the first 48 hours if there is no other re-injury of the adductor muscle. Resisted adduction/flexion of the hip with a resistance tube or light weight can be included if active abduction and adduction are not causing any pain. Stabilising exercises such as pulleys with other leg and one leg squat is recommended to strengthen the core muscles and the adductor muscles at the same time. 

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