Thursday, June 1, 2017

Posterior Thigh Pain and Hamsting Muscle Strains in Malaysia

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What is the Best Treatment for a Pulled Hamstring Muscle in Malaysia?

A hamstring is a group of muscles located in the lower part of the buttock, and it extends all the way down into the back of the knee. It plays a primary role in extending the hip, bending the knee and rotating the leg. These actions are involved in several activities of daily living, such as running, walking, and jumping. Therefore, hamstring muscle strain is a prevalent injury among sprinters, hurdlers, long jumpers, footballers, Australian football, and field hockey players. These activities commonly involve a lot of high-speed running and forceful kicking. Hamstring strain can have a severe impact on the performance of the athlete, and absence days of training can be quite high too. Recurrent injury of the same muscle or associated muscles can happen as a result of inadequate post-injury physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Biceps femoris of the hamstring muscle group is the most commonly injured muscle. The musculotendinous part of the biceps femoris is at a higher risk of injury, especially during a sprint. This injury usually presents as a non-contact injury. The hamstrings are likely to reach its point of failure during the terminal swing phase just before foot strike as this is the point of maximum eccentric contraction. During the terminal swing phase, the hamstrings are undergoing eccentric contraction to decelerate the swinging tibia while extending the knee to prepare for heel strike. During the initial stance phase, the hamstrings are now working concentrically to extend the hip joint. 

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