Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hip Pain Treatment for Adductor Muscle Strain in Malaysia


Get the Best Hip and Adductor Muscle Treatment in Malaysia

Hip and thigh pain is common among athletes and nonathletes alike. It results from neglected or injured hip joints. However, hip pain can also be caused by back issues and disorders of the knee joints. To recover, you need targeted treatments that focus on fixing and repair of the damaged tissues. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the premier center for hip pain, back pain, sports injuries, including knee pain. Our hip and knee pain treatment program in Malaysia are through advanced methods without surgery or injections. We provide faster relief from pain. Best of all, the improvements you gain are lasting. 

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment can be commenced as soon as possible when an acute adductor strain in the hip is present. Patients typically present with inner thigh pain or groin pain near the inferior pubic bone. The strained adductor muscle can be very tender upon palpation and stretching of the adductor muscle can reproduce the pain. The initial treatment approach is to reduce swelling and bleeding at the injured site. Therapeutic modalities that help to promote soft tissue healing can be used.

What is the best home care for strained hip and thighs muscles?

Active pain-free exercises and progressive strengthening exercises for the adductor muscle can be commenced with care after the first 48 hours of injury. Functional strengthening that involves more aggressive movements such as stationary bike, swimming pool running, jogging, or swimming can be part of the treatment in the later stage. Once the full passive and active range of motion of the injured hip returns to normal and with full strength, the athlete can return to progressive sport-specific training that involves a sudden and rapid change of direction.

Exercises such as running in a straight line or figure of eight and kicking should be avoided in the early stages of rehabilitation. Early return to these exercises without sufficient rehabilitation may predispose the athlete to recurrent adductor muscle strain. The treatment for adductor muscle strain should include management of the associated low back pain or pelvic imbalance at the same time to prevent chronic recurrent pelvic and hip injuries. Contact the best chiropractic center in Malaysia today to get advanced treatment for hip, thigh, and adductor muscle strain or pain in Malaysia.  

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