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Acute Wry Neck Treatment With Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Combined

Sudden onset of sharp neck pain with restricted neck movement that typically occurs after a sudden quick activity or waking is known as an acute wry neck. There may or may not be unusual movements or prolonged awkward positions before the onset of neck pain. There are two most common types of acute wry neck, which can be very similar in presentation. A detailed history and examination are required to differentiate the apophyseal joint and the discogenic neck pain or wry neck.

The apophyseal joint wry neck is more commonly found in children and young adults. The most common segment involved is the C2/3 level. A sudden movement before the sharp pain is frequently reported. Locking the upper neck segments such as C0/1 and C1/2 with trauma involved may need further investigation as the craniovertebral ligaments may be affected. The patient typically presents with the neck tilting towards the left or the right and slightly tilting forward. This antalgic posture exerts the least amount of pressure on the damaged joint. The patient cannot bring the head and neck to the center due to pain and muscle spasm.

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What are your best therapy options for neck pain in Malaysia?

The best method of treating neck stiffness or pain is through the combined efforts of chiropractors and physiotherapists. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the best spine and joint treatment center in Malaysia. Our teams of advanced corrective chiropractors in Kuala Lumpur and physiotherapists have the skills and technology to treat neck pain without injections or spine surgery in Malaysia. They use hands-on or manual methods of care combined with treatments on specialized medical equipment.

Joint mobilization and manipulation can help reduce pain and restore joint mobility—lateral flexion and manual traction are helpful in patients with mild neck pain or neck disorders. Manual therapy followed by the range of motion and motor control exercises can be employed. Ice, ultrasound, and electrotherapeutic modalities can help reduce swelling and inflammation. There may still be some limitation of movement immediately after treatments due to inflammation around the muscles and joints. 

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