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Ankle Pain Causes & Best Treatment Options

Foot pain, ankle pain, and injures are among the more common complaints in athletes and non-athletes. To recover, you need an accurate diagnosis, focused therapy, and customized rehabilitative programs that address and repair the ankle and foot damage without injections or surgery. Chiropractic Specialty Center® provides the best ankle pain treatment option in Kuala Lumpur; contact our main center on 03 2093 1000 now!

Ankle surgery or the use of steroids (injectable steroids) isn’t as good as you may have heard. The latest research published in the Radiology journal called for a stoppage in steroid injections into muscles and joints. The authors of this study reported severe complications and side effects in pateints who received steroid injections in their joints. According to the authors, bone death, cartilage death, damaged joints, muscles, and ligaments were too common in patients who went through steroid injections.

Surgery for the foot or ankle should be for compound fractures that are too complicated to heal naturally. However, steroidal injections of the ankles and feet are more harmful. To recap, steroid injections into joints will cause your joint cartilage and soft tissues to degenerate at an exceedingly fast pace.

Injuries Of The Ankle & Feet Are The Result Of Ankle Instabilities.

Ankle ligament injury is prevalent in sports activities such as basketball, football, ballet, and dancing. The majority of ankle ligament injuries are due to sudden flexion and an inward rolling of the foot. This mechanism of injury usually causes damages to the lateral ligamentous, tendons, and muscular structures. 

Tenonitis and tendinopathies are common causes of ankle and foot pain. The most common tendinitis in the ankle and feet involves the flexors muscles tensions and the tendon of the calf muscles (the Achilles tendon), resulting in Achillies heel or Achilles tendinitis. Inversion injury of the ankle tends to recur due to weakened ligaments, and this can cause chronic ankle instability.

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What Causes Ankle Instabilities & Best Treatment Option In Malaysia? 

The two leading causes of ankle instability:

  • Mechanical instability: Repeated injury to the ankle can cause structural loss of the supporting ankle ligaments
  • Functional weakness or instability: Loss of neuromuscular control, such as impaired balancing ability and decreased proprioception (joint position sense). The athlete may have difficulty balancing on the injured foot.

Treatments For Chronic Ankle Instability

1. Functional rehabilitation exercises:

  • Muscle strengthening and neuromuscular control enhancement
  • Improvement of joint position sense (proprioception training that uses uneven surfaces such as wobble board or rocker board)
  • Improvement of balancing ability (athletes should be able to perform heel-to-toe walk or one-leg stance with eyes opened or closed)
  • Improvement of posture control ability (strengthening of the peroneal muscle is vital as it acts as a lateral dynamic stabilization structure of the ankle)
  • Get combined care from a corrective chiropractor and clinical physiotherapists.

2. Taping or bracing application for dynamic stabilizer facilitation, proprioception improvement, or joint support.

3. Ankle-foot orthotics improve static balance ability (standing and simple linear walking) and posture control ability.

Where can you get targeted treatment for chronic ankle instability or pain in Malaysia?

Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Malaysia is the best non-surgical center for ankle and feet injuries. Our advanced methodologies and breakthrough therapy technology can repair your ankle injury without surgery or injections. Get ankle and feet treatment from a superior corrective chiropractor and physiotherapist today. Our center is the leading advocate of excellence in chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment of the spine and joints.

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