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Chiropractic In KL By Top-Rated Chiropractic Center In Kuala Lumpur

Chiropractic in KL, as practiced by chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC), is precise and targeted to holistically fix and repair damaged tissues and misalignments in your joints or spine. Holistic treatment of the spine and joints is a reference to comprehensive treatments. In other words, for therapy or treatments to be holistic, they must address and repairs all Related damages or conditions for a given problem. For example, patients presenting with spine issues will also have:

  • Soft tissue problems (issues with muscles, tendons, ligaments, or fascia)
  • Degeneration, arthritis, and misalignment of joints & cartilage
  • Problems with articular discs or spinal discs
  • Nerve compression or nerve impingement

To eliminate pain and stiffness and the example mentioned above, Your chiropractor must also resolve the associated conditions or problems. Chiropractors Who combine chiropractic treatment with care by clinical physiotherapists provide lasting relief in faster improvements than chiropractors who offer chiropractic treatment as a standalone therapy option.

CSE was one of the first, if not the first, to offer Malaysians a holistic, integrative treatment method for the spine and joints by combining clinical physiotherapy with evidence-based chiropractic in KL. If you need chiropractic treatment for slip disc, spine, joints, or sports injuries, contact our main center in Kuala Lumpur on 03 2093 1000. CSC provides decision chiropractic treatments in Kuala Lumpur from 2 fantastic locations:

  1. Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Sri Petaling
  2. Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Kuala Lumpur (Bukit Damansara or Damansara Heights Near Sri Hartamas)

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care In KL

Chiropractic care helps you maintain the health and integrity of your skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems naturally without the use of drugs, injections, or surgery by fixing the root causes of your problem. The root cause can be linked to subluxations, slip-discs, joint issues, or soft tissue damage. Subluxation is a non-specific chiropractic term describing issues that cause pain. Subluxations (vertebral subluxation) are minor misalignments of the spine that cause nerve interference and a oos of health. They are caused by various spinal related disorders, come of including:

Why Are Subluxations Important To Chiropractors?

The brain controls all aspects of the body’s ability to properly function by being connected through the spinal cord that in turn is connected to the peripheral spinal nerves that are connected to every living cell in the body.

Interference in the link between the brain and the rest of the body can lead to ill health. Interferences often occur in between the moving bones that surround the spinal cord as a result of trauma to the body. These bones come together to form joints that can become overtime immobile or hypermobile due to poor posture, repetitive motion, or improper lifting. Emotional stress, as well as poor nutrition, drugs, and pollution, can also contribute to this problem. These problems can begin as early as childbirth.

When this type of interference occurs, it is referred to as “chiropractic subluxation. “As a result of this interference or spinal subluxation, nerves can become irritated, causing numbness, weakness, and organ hyperactivity. Muscles can become too tight. Discs, ligaments, and other connective tissues can become inflamed, and spinal curvatures can become lost, resulting in the formation of bone spurs and arthritic degeneration.

Treatment For Degenerative & Arthritic Spine And Joints In Malaysia

Get the Best Chiropractic Care in Malaysia

As practiced by the chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Center®, chiropractic in Kuala Lumpur offers a significant advantage for patients who suffer from degenerative and arthritic spine or giant conditions in Malaysia. Degenerative and arthritic conditions require holistic methods that target the root causes of degeneration arthritis. What makes our treatment method the premier system of care for the spine and joints is our ability to diagnose and target the area of malfunction accurately. 

Arthritic degeneration is the body’s response to uneven joint wear tear, eventually resulting in erosions of joint surfaces (cartilage)and an eventual near-fusion of the joint.A published scientific report discovered chiropractic treatment the Activator methods to regenerate a degenerated or damaged joint cartilage in a laboratory setting.

If you are in pain end diagnosed with degenerative or arthritic conditions of your spinal joints, contact CSC today for activator treatments to help improve joint function and increased range of motion by CSC’s evidence-based system of chiropractic in Kuala Lumpur.

Chiropractic is the natural solution to degenerations, arthritis, and subluxations that slow and prevent joint, bone, and spinal decay. Schedule a thorough assessment by our chiropractors today. CSC’s thorough chiropractic examination can show the exact location and severity of any subluxations you may have. Assuming that subluxations are identified in your chiropractic exam, the best way to relieve fixated or stuck joints and nerve

The Benefits Of  Chiropractic Treatment 

  • Increased range of motion
  • Breaking of articular adhesions
  • Joint muscles receptor stimulation
  • Inhibition of pain
  • Relaxation of paraspinal muscles

Chiropractic Specialty Center® offers more than just chiropractic

Is Chiropractic Treatment Painful?

Chiropractic treatment should never be painful. And it is never painful at CSC. When chiropractors of CSC treat you, you will notice a relieving sensation right in almost all instances. The possibility of increased pain or stiffness is minimal at best with our system of chiropractic in KL.

Increased pain or stiffness is more common with the manual methods of chiropractic treatments. However, minor discomfort has been reported with manual chiropractic methods that usually lasts for a short duration. The rare occurrences of stiffness and discomfort usually result in aggressive manual treatments, surrounding muscles, or the patient tenses up during chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment or adjustment at our centers is painless and very gentle as they are provided by instruments instead of the traditional popping and twisting of the spine (manual methods).However, there are many techniques in chiropractic, and effectiveness is directly dependent on the expertise and experience of the chiropractors.

Get the best of the top-rated chiropractic treatment in KL from our founder and director, Dr. Yama Zafer, D.C. Dr. Yama, as his patients call him, is an American chiropractor with over 25-years of experience.

In short, many different manipulative techniques can be utilized in chiropractic, and there is a certain skill level and “art” involved with high velocity, low amplitude adjustment, or manipulation. It is perhaps more important for the chiropractor to determine when not to apply the adjustment.

Is Chiropractic Safe? 

Chiropractic treatments or adjustments are very safe. Moreover, CSC’s method of chiropractic in KL is safest as our chiropractors don’t twist or pop your neck or back unless you request them and only if we deem them helpful.A New Zealand research study has shown chiropractic to be “remarkably” safe and without side effects. The chiropractic adjustments (treatments) utilized by Chiropractors of Chiropractic Specialty Center® are perhaps the safest and most gentle method in town. The traditional old-fashioned chiropractic treatments may be suitable for some conditions, but our chiropractors prefer a more focused and precise spinal or joint mobilization method.

There are many practitioners both in chiropractic and in other forms of traditional therapy providers that utilize manual manipulation for the neck. This method of rotatory treatments, where the head and neck are turned and tilted to a side before the delivery of thrust may cause pain or even harm if not rendered correctly or if rendered to patients with spinal disc disease. This was the main reason why we have chosen to utilize an instrument when we treat a patient. We have found that treatments are highly focused (much better than they would have been through the manual method), significantly safer, and more effective through instrumentation.

If you have had chiropractic adjustments or other lesser manipulations methods and still have pain, contact one of CSC’s two chiropractic centers in Kuala Lumpur:

  1. Damansara Heights (Near Sri Hartmass & Mont Kiara) Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Center 017 269 1873
  2. Sri Petaling Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Center 012 695 6939

Chiropractic Specialty Center® is an award-winning physiotherapy and chiropractic center in Malaysia. Get treated with evidence-based methods of chiropractic in KL by contact one of our two locations above. 

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