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Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) provides holistic neck pain treatment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through holistic methodologies of advanced chiropractic combined with clinical physiotherapy for all types of neck pain and neck stiffness; contact one of our centers today for more information. 

Get The Best Neck Pain Treatment In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Disc herniation that cause canal stenosis and neck pain is treatable without surgery

Neck pain is all too common, and there is no immunity. Neck pain can impact anyone at any age at any time. Neck pain results from degenerative changes in neck joints, muscles, ligaments, or spinal discs. The best neck pain treatment is through integrative nd combined methods of chiropractic and physiotherapy. Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) is Malaysia’s premier neck pain treatment center. 


Get the best neck pain treatment in Kuala Lumpur by calling our main center on 03 2093 1000 now. Our methods and technology can repair damaged joints, spinal discs, and soft tissues without injections or surgery; call us today.


This article has covered common causes of neck pain and the best neck pain treatment as the best alternative to steroid injections or surgery. Also, we have provided some self-help tips and lifestyle changes that you will need for faster recovery with lasting improvements. 

What Are The Most Common Cause Of Neck Pain?

Neck pain and neck stiffness result when the muscles, ligaments, joints, or spinal discs wear out prematurely. Excessive cell phone, tablet, and computer usage is the leading cause of neck pain and neck stiffness in teenagers and adults. Here are the most common causes of neck pain and neck stiffness:

Neck Stiffness & Pain Caused by Text Neck Or Tech Neck:

Tech neck or text neck is the most common cause of neck pain that causes weakness in muscle and ligaments and eventual degenerative changes in neck joints and spinal discs.

Muscles Spasms, Muscle Strains & the Neck:

Resulting from poor posture or spending too much time on cellphones, tablets, or computers.

Ligament laxity, Weakness & Ligament Sprain a Comon Cause of Neck Problems:

Weaken ligaments results from degenerative changes because of overuse. They are commonly seen in people who spend many hours on laptops, computers, and smart devices.

Spinal Joint Degeneration & Degeneration of The Neck’s Soft Tissues:

Joint, muscle, ligament, and spinal disc degeneration are the leading causes of chronic neck pain resulting from chronic neck issues that you may have ignored.

Stiff & Painful Neck Caused by Whiplash Injuries: Injuries Sustained In Automobile Accidents:

Whiplash injuries (hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries) Car and motorbike accidents are injuries that damage muscles, ligaments, joints, and spinal discs of the neck. T-bone or side collisions are the most damaging type of car accident. The second most traumatic car accident injures the rear-end collisions.

Arthritis and Arthritic Joints such as Cervical Spondylosis:

Osteoarthritis is the main form of arthritis that impacts the neck. In osteoarthritis of the neck, bone spurs form along the edges of neck bones or joints. Cervical spondylosis is a descriptive term for neck pain that results from degeneration of spinal joints, spinal discs with accompanying bone spurs, or osteoarthritis.

Slipped discs in the Neck:

Slipped disc or slip-disc in the neck is all too common these days. Neck slipped discs results from neck injuries, poor posture, excessive cell or computer use. The medical term for slipped discs includes bulging, herniated, protruded, prolapsed, extruded, or fragmented spinal discs. Slip discs in the neck are treatable and recoverable. CSC offers the best alternative to spine surgery for patients with slipped discs in their neck; contact us today for more information on non-surgical slip-disc treatment in Kuala Lumpur on 03 2093 1000.

Cervical Spondylolisthesis:

Spondylolisthesis in the neck is commonly seen at C5-C6 or C6-C7. Cervical spondylolisthesis can result from an inherited condition, degenerative spinal changes, or traumatic injuries.

Pinched & Compressed Spinal Nerves Or Spinal Cord In The Neck:

Spinal cord and spinal nerve compressions are common occurrences in persons diagnosed with a slipped disc, bone spurs, cervical spondylosis, or spondylolisthesis. CSC’s clinical teams are the experts you need in identifying and eliminating compressed or pinched nerves; contact us now for information about our neck pain treatment for pinched nerves.

Shoulder Pain And Injuries:

Shoulder issues such as sprains, strains, or frozen shoulder can cause neck pain. To recover, you will need shoulder and neck pain treatment simultaneously.

Neck Pain Caused By Problems In The Upper Back & Mid-Back Issues:

Degenerative arthritis and severe scoliosis upper and mid-back are common causes of neck pain and stiffness. Subluxated or misaligned ribs of the upper and mid-back may also cause neck issues. Learn more about the causes of mid-back pain when you visit our blog page related to mid-back. To recover, you will need focused upper and mid-back therapies that address the root causes of your upper back pain and neck pain issues.

Neck Issues Related To Jaw Pain Or TMD:

Jaw pain or TMJ problems are known as TMDs (temporomandibular dysfunction or disorder) are common causes of upper neck pain, headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, and dizziness. You will need caused holistic measures that target damaged tissues in your jaw joint and upper neck; we can help.

Cervical Rib & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome:

Ribs attach to the upper and mid-back (thoracic spine). A cervical rib is the most common cause of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. The first rib connects to the first thoracic segment or T1, and the last or 12th rib attaches to the 12th or final thoracic segment (T-12). The neck should not have any rib attachment. However, in approximately 3 % of the population, the first rib attaches to the last neck bone or C7.

What Are The Common Neck Related Signs & Symptoms?

  • Stiffness, discomfort, or pain in the neck, traps, shoulders, and upper back
  • Difficulty, discomfort, or inability to tilt, turn, flex, or extend head and neck
  • Numbness, tingling, or burning sensation in the neck, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, or fingers
  • Muscle cramps or tightness at traps or top of shoulders
  • Neck pain or stiffness when coughing or sneezing
  • Pain, numbness, tingling or burning sensations down the arms and hands when coughing or sneezing
  • Weakness in shoulder, arms, wrists, hand, or fingers

What Are The Self-help Tips & Home Remedies For Siff & Painful Neck?

If you have neck pain or neck stiffness, there are several things that you can do to minimize the discomfort or stiffness. Home-based treatments and prevention we mention below are the best self-help tips for neck pain patients:

  • Avoid overuse syndromes: Limit the time you spend on your cell, tablet, and computer. Minimizing the use of smart devices prevents overuse syndrome, significantly lowering the severity of your symptoms.
  • Improve your posture: Poor posture is a leading cause of neck issues. So, sit upright and stop slouching over. While sitting, make sure that your head and neck are directly above your shoulders.
  • Avoid heavy bags or carrying heavy items: Carrying heavy items or strapping on heavy bags, purses, and briefcases will accelerate degenerative changes in your neck. Avoid progression and decrease neck pain by taking out unnecessary things in your purse, bag, backpack, or briefcase.
  • Take frequent breaks: Prolonged sitting is harmful to your spine and organs. Therefore, avoid sitting for longer than 45 minutes at a time. Try to get up and walk around every 30-45 minutes for 3-5 minutes.
  • Ice your neck: Icing or cryotherapy is a natural pain reliever. Also, it is the best and most effective home therapy you can do to reduce inflammation or swelling. Neck pain patients should ice their necks three times daily (morning, afternoon, and evening). However, it would help if you don’t ice longer than 15-minutes per session using a timer. Icing longer than 20-minutes will increase pain and inflammation. Before you ice, wrap the ice pack with a thick cotton cloth to avoid skin burns (freezer burns).

The above self-help tips and home-based neck pain treatment should reduce the severity of your symptoms. Patients with moderate or severe neck issues resulting from acute traumatic events or a chronic flare-up will get the best results when they combine these self-help tips with CSC’s holistic neck pain treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

What Is The Best Treatment For Neck Pain In Malaysia?

Neck pain treatment that fixes damaged tissues

The best treatment for neck pain is a conservative course of care that fixes and repairs damaged tissues without injections or surgery. Steroid injections and pain medication can reduce the severity of symptoms, but they are not curative. Besides, steroid injections and many medicines prescribed for neck pain patients have side effects that may be more damaging to your health than neck pain.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® treats neck pain through the combined efforts of evidence-based chiropractors in Kuala Lumpur and clinical physiotherapists. CSC’s approach to neck pain and stiffness is holistic, natural, and comprehensive. We target the root cause of neck issues through advanced methodologies and superior therapy technologies. CSC’s neck therapy and treatment programs may include one or more of the following therapies or procedures:

  • Chiropractic treatment (chiropractic adjustment)
  • Physiotherapy
  • NSD Therapy®
  • Spinal decompression therapy by the RxDecom®
  • Shockwave therapy
  • High-intensity laser therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Electrotherapy (interferential current therapy, tens, microcurrent, biphasic electrotherapy, and premodulated electrotherapy)
  • Flexion-distraction therapy of the neck
  • Manual therapy, soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy
  • Exercise, stretching and strengthening therapies and treatments by physiotherapists and Spinercise®

CSC treats all types of neck pain, including severe conditions such as slipped discs or spinal canal stenosis. We are your best alternative to neck surgery. Our methodology and systems of care for the neck and upper back are second to none in Malaysia. Contact one of our centers today to eliminate stiffness, discomfort, numbness, tingling through a holistic, non-invasive neck pain treatment program in Malaysia. If you suffer from neck pain, call us today on 03 2093 1000 for more information about our neck pain treatment on Kuala Lumpur.

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