Best Knee Pain Treatment In Malaysia

Get the best knee pain therapy options in Malaysia without injections or surgery. Steroid injections and arthroscopic knee surgery failures are at an all-time high. Instead of getting the steroid injections that cause more harm, get treated through holistic non-invasive knee pain therapy options with lasting benefits. In this section, Chiropractic in Malaysia blog posts bring you archives of articles discussing knee pain causes, prevention, home remedies, and best treatment options. Call our main center on 03 2093 1000 for more information about our methods and centers.

Osteoarthritis Of The Knee & Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis of the knee results from wear and tear of the articular cartilage attached to the bones of the knee joints. there are two main joints in the knee:

  1. The joint between your thigh bone and leg bone or the tibiofemoral joint.
  2. The joint between the kneecap and your thighbone or the Patella femoral joint.

The patellofemoral and the tibiofemoral joints wear out and degenerate due to advancing age or injuries. Osteoarthritis and degenerative changes of the knee or treatable without surgery or injection. Surgical procedures including arthroscopic knee surgery or knee replacement surgeries. It should be the last resort.

Knee Surgery & Knee Injections

Published research and the New England Journal of Medicine has called for a stoppage in arthroscopic knee surgery as they have been found ineffective. The researchers compared the beneficial impact offered through arthroscopic knee surgery with a fake surgical procedure. The actual surgery was not any better than the phony surgery, and as such, the authors concluded that the arthroscopic surgery of the knee is useless and ineffective.

Another published research and the journal of radiology cited issues with corticosteroid injections. The authors studied 459 patients that received steroid injections and their hips and knees. Authors reported complications such as cartilage damage, bone death, and soft tissue degenerative changes that were premature or rapidly progressing.

Our blog posts archives on this page bring you detailed information on treatments in therapy options, including invasive procedures for knee pain, new arthritis, in meniscal tears. Should you require more information on knee treatments and knee pain, please get in touch with one of our centers today.

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