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What should you do for a fracture of the fifth metatarsal?

There are three main sites where the fracture of the fifth metatarsal can occur:

  1. Avulsion fracture
  2. Jones’ fracture
  3. Fouette fracture

The uncomplicated avulsion fracture of the tuberosity at the fifth metatarsal base is commonly associated with an acute ankle sprain. If no other complications result from the avulsion fracture, the pain can be relieved by a short period of immobilization.

The uncomplicated avulsion fracture for foot

Jones’ fracture is the fracture of the shaft of the fifth metatarsal. This is an acute fracture, and it takes a longer time to recover. Patients are usually involved with an inversion plantar-flexion injury, which can result from overuse injury. Patients with a Jones fracture may need a non-weight-bearing cast immobilization of six to eight weeks to recover. Surgical fixation with the percutaneous insertion of a screw and bone grafting may be necessary if an immediate return to activity is required. Confirmation of complete radiographic healing is recommended before returning to the sport to prevent re-fracture of the injury. 

Fouette fracture is an acute spiral fracture of the distal third of the fifth metatarsal. This is commonly seen in dancers who went off-balance while on demi-pointe and rolled over the outer border of the foot. Non-complicated injury without the displacement of the fracture fragments can be treated with weight-bearing rest. Complicated displaced fractures may need non-weight bearing cast immobilization of four to six weeks to relieve the pain. 

In addition to these three, one can also get a stress fracture. Stress fractures are common and often occur in runners and those who walk daily.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation of Injured Feet

Physiotherapy rehabilitation of the foot and ankle may be required once the pain has subsided and the injury has healed. The mobility of the joints must be maintained to prevent stiffness and joint restriction. Muscles in the foot and ankle need to be strengthened to provide sufficient stability at the joints.  

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