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How Heat Therapy Helps & What To Avid For Faster Healing 

Heat therapy improved circulation today area being treated. It can provide the needed palliative care for muscle spasms, cramping muscles, or muscle soreness. And discomfort in muscles. However, patients with tendonitis, sprains, and strains need to be careful heating sot tissues as a means of therapy. Sprains and strains (torn ligaments & muscles) are best treated with cryotherapy or icing. And this article, we have covered thermal treatment on soft tissue disorders, including muscle cramps and muscle soreness. We will also go over how you should apply heat and what to avoid to heal faster with lasting impact.

It would help if you avoided heat therapy for an acute muscle, ligament, or joint injury. An injured area recovers faster with ice therapy or cryotherapy.

The application of heat in any form that leads to increased tissue temperature is known as thermotherapy. Superficial or deep heat therapy can relax muscle spasms and reduce pain. In musculoskeletal conditions, heat application is commonly used to increase tissue temperature, blood flow, metabolic rate, and connective tissue extensibility. Heat is generally used in subacute and chronic conditions. Caution must be exercised when applying thermotherapy as it can lead to an acute exacerbation of a chronic health issue. Also, heat therapy needs to be approached with caution for the subacute conditions, as some subacute conditions change to an acute and inflammatory state or condition if heated.

Low-Level Heat Therapy Vs. High-Level Heat Therapy

Research showed that low-level heat therapy could slow down and block the painful nerve signal in the brain, which will provide temporary pain relief. Continuous low-level heat therapy effectively treats musculoskeletal conditions such as delayed onset muscle soreness, joint contracture, muscle spasm, and osteoarthritis. Prolonged thermotherapy of high-level thermotherapy may cause burns or may increase pain due to increased inflammation.

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