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Best Hip Pain Treatment For Muscle Strain & Cramps In Groin Or Thighs

Muscle strains and muscle cramps can cause hip, thigh, and groin pain. The hip’s adductor muscle is the main culprit of the groin, thigh, and hip pain.

The primary hip adductors are the adductor longus, gracilis, pectineus, adductor magus, and adductor brevis. Collectively, these five muscles act on the hip by bringing them towards the midline.

Strained or pulled hip muscles are common injures that are treatable without injections or surgery. A muscle strain occurs when the muscle or its tendon is torn or damaged. Strains can happen in the shoulders, arms, legs, thighs, spine, and hips. A stained hip is most common in the adductor muscle of the hip and thigh.

Tendonitis is a major cause of hip pain. The tendons of the psoas muscle are the most common cause of tendonitis in the hip. Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) offers the most holistic non-invasive tendonitis treatment in Kuala Lumpur; contact us today.

What are common caused of hip Pain

Common causes of hip pain include issues with the lumbar spine. The lumbar or the low back innervates all the muscles of the hip joint. Therefore, pateints with low back issues may experiacne hip pain. Hip discompfort is also eflet when the iliopsoas is not functioning properly.

hip pain with lumbar spine

Hip and thigh pain is common among athletes and nonathletes alike. It results from neglected or injured hip joints. However, hip pain can also be caused by back issues and disorders of the knee joints. To recover, you need targeted treatments that focus on fixing and repair of the damaged tissues. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the premier center for hip pain, back pain, sports injuries, including knee pain. Our hip and knee pain treatment program in Malaysia are through advanced methods without surgery or injections. We provide faster relief from pulled hamstring muscle, inner thigh pain, or groin pain. Best of all, the improvements you gain are lasting.

Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment can be commenced as soon as possible when an acute adductor strain in the hip is present. Patients typically present with inner thigh pain or groin pain near the inferior pubic bone. The strained adductor muscle can be very tender upon palpation, and stretching of the adductor muscle can reproduce the pain. The initial treatment approach is to reduce swelling and bleeding at the injured site. Therapeutic modalities that help to promote soft tissue healing can be used.

What is the best home care for strained hip and thighs muscles?

Our clinical teams can commence active pain-free exercise and progressive exercises for the adductor muscle with care after the first 48 hours of injury. Functional strengthening that involves more aggressive movements such as stationary bike, swimming pool, running, jogging, or swimming can be part of the treatment later. Once the injured hip’s full passive and active range of motion returns to normal and with full strength, the athlete can return to progressive sport-specific training that involves a sudden and rapid change of direction.

It would help if you avoided exercises such as running in a straight line or figure-eight and kicking in the early stages of rehabilitation. Early return to these exercise without good repair may predispose the athlete to reccurent adductor muscle strain. The treatment for adductor muscle strain should include management of the associated low back pain or pelvic imbalance at the same time to prevent chronic reccurent pelvic and hip injuries. Contact the best chiropractic center in Malaysia today to get advanced treatment for hip, thigh, painful groin, muscle cramps, and adductor muscle strain in Malaysia.

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