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The jaw joint is predisposed to TMJ pain and malfunction. The primary or leading cause of jaw disorders is related to the grinding of teeth during sleep. The second and third most common cause of jaw or TMJ pain is prolonged dental visits and endoscopies. Jaw pain treatment and focused jaw exercises can help correct and fix jaw problems before they become severe.

Teeth grinding during sleep (bruxism) is an involuntary action that anxiety worsens—bruxism or grinding your teeth during sleep damages the jaw joint and the articular jaw disc. The articular disc of a jaw is connected to the jaws muscles (anteriorly), and posteriorly, it attaches to your middle ear. The jaws articular discs act similar to the vertebral disc, allowing motion and protecting the joint. The middle ear connectin of the articular disc is the main culprit in the development of tinnitus in patients with jaw problems.

This article has provided some exercises to help your recovery from jaw pain and jaw disorders. However, you will need to visit our center if your aches and pains do not eliminate or continue to disturb you

Exercise That Reduces The Clicking In The Jaws

Place one to two fingers on both sides of your jaw. Apply gentle pressure against the jaw while trying to open the mouth slowly without letting it clicks. Repeat the exercise if the jaw clicks in the middle of the procedure. Repeat this exercise without clicking sounds of the jaw ten times. This exercise allows better control of your jaw movements, and the gentle pressure applied helps to correct the jaw misalignment.

Jaw Exercise That Improves Jaw Mobility

Another exercise that can increase the mobility of the jaw while allowing better rotation of the jaw. Place the tongue against the roof of your mouth and slowly open your mouth as wide as you can. Hold for 2 seconds while breathing in slowly. However, the tongue should remain in contact with the roof of your mouth throughout the whole exercise. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercise That Strengthens Your Ja Muscles

Strengthening exercises for the jaw muscles are needed to ensure the temporomandibular joint has the stability and mobility to perform all the required movements. Isometric strengthening exercises can strengthen the jaw muscles while relaxing the muscles on the opposite side. Make a fist and place it under your chin. Open your mouth slowly while the fist is applying a gentle upwards force under the chin. This upwards force should resist the opening of the mouth. Hold the pressure for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

The following exercise is similar to the one described above. Place the left hand on the left side of your face. Move your jaw to the left side against the left hand while applying a gentle force to the right with your left hand. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat the procedure on the right side.

Best Jaw Pain Treatment In Malaysia?

Focused physiotherapy combined with top-rated targeted chiropractic in Malaysia is your best option for treating a painful jaw or TMD. Jaw pain treatment requires specialized skills, advanced methods of chiropractic, and clinical physiotherapy for lasting relief. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is Malaysia’s top center for physiotherapy and chiropractic. Our jaw treatment programs are second to none. If you suffer from a clicking jaw joint, a painful jaw, or a slipped disc in the jaw, we are the team you should be contacting. Trust our 15-years of clinical excellence by contacting one of our centers for best jaw pain and jaw exercise program today.

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