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Spinal Disc Damage Is The Leading Cause Of Slip-Disc & Back Pain

Disc damage or slipped disc or slip disc can be one of the diagnoses for neck or low back pain. Different types of disc damage can result in distress, such as ruptured or herniated disc, degenerated disc, excessive torsional injury, and compression injury. Most disc injuries involve cracks and abnormalities in the disc and the soft tissue structures around the disc. 

Excessive rotational or torsional stress may cause injury to the facet joints, the annulus fibrosus, or most commonly both. The annulus fibrosus is under maximal pressure when the disc is loaded in a bent and twisted position. Therefore, people permanently injured their back when they lift heavy objects in a forward bending position with the upper body rotating to one side. 

Repetitive torsional injury to the disc may lead to tears seen on MRI. Annulus fibrosus with tears are more susceptible to nucleus pulposus herniation. You may provoke an inflammatory reaction in response to the annular tear, and this will result in pain from chemical irritation. This chemical nociception typically presents as a diffuse back pain that may or may not is referred to the lower limbs. Any movement of the lumbar spine, especially forward bending and twisted, can aggravate the lower back pain from excessive rotational stress. 

What Is The Best Treatment For A Degenerated And Slip-Disc In Malaysia?

Degenerated discs are desiccated discs that cause slip-discs: Slip discs include bulging, herniation, protrusions, prolapses, extrusion, and fragmentation. Treatment for degenerated discs, desiccated discs, and slip-discs requires specified knowledge, technology, and methods. Chiropractic Specialty Cetner® provides the best slip-disc therapy in Malaysia. Our slipped-disc treatment methods can fix and repair the root causes of spinal disc damage for lasting relief; contact us today to learn more about our methodology and technology for spinal disc damage, neck pain, and back pain; we can help. 


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