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The Best Neck & Back Pain Exercises For Frequent Flyers

neck and back pain for frequent travelers on airplane

Long haul travel and frequent business trips can be challenging for people with neck and back pain. Prolonged sitting in an awkward position, lifting heavy objects like luggage, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, or sudden increase in physical activities may create and exacerbate neck pain and back pain for most frequent flyers to or from Malaysia. Travel smart and prepare yourself for the trip so that you can enjoy the journey. There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent or minimize the pain. The clinical non-surgical teams of Chiropractic-in-Malaysia bring this article for your review in the hope of avoiding injuries, back and neck pain, or downtime while on vacation or business trips.

Bring a neck pillow to support your neck so that you won’t be sleeping in an awkward position for too long. This helps to prevent spasms in the neck and upper back muscles and neck stiffness. Neck muscle tightness may aggravate your headache and dizziness. For people with lower back issues, bring back support or request a few pillows from the flight attendant to support your lower back and keep your spine straight when you sit. Try to maintain the normal curvature of your lower back and try not to slouch when you sit. 

Alternate ice and heat therapy help to reduce neck and back pain. Apply the ice pack to the spine for 10 minutes reduces the swelling and inflammation. Implementing the heat pack on the tight muscles around the shoulder or lower back for 10 minutes helps relax the muscles. Get up and walk around the cabin for a few moments every hour reduces joint stiffness and muscle tightness. Try to travel light and bring your pain medications or muscle relaxants in your hand luggage if you need them to ease the pain. And if the pain lingers, call our clinical teams: we offer the best neck and back pain treatments in Malaysia.

We hope this article on how to avoid neck pain and back was helpful. You should also visit our related page on neck and back stretching exercises for travelers. Should you have any questions or require treatments for the best clinical teams in physiotherapy or chiropractic in Malaysia, call our main center at 03 2093 1000.

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