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Back pain with walking is not normal and needs corrective action to prevent damaging your spine. Neglecting mild aches and pain in the back is the leading reason for slipped discs and degenerative spine changes. If walking causes back pain or leg pain, we can help.

The gait pattern of a person with lower back pain is usually different from that of a healthy person without lower back pain. The most common finding is that people with lower back pain tend to walk slower than the average healthy individual. The presence of pain and the avoidance behavior associated with pain can explain this slower walking pattern.

Normal healthy subjects without lower back pain, horizontal thorax, and pelvis rotation are more in phases when they walk at lower speeds. This means that the thorax and the pelvis rotate in the same direction at about the same time. However, when they walk faster, the phase difference between horizontal thorax and pelvis rotation increases and tends toward the opposite direction or becomes anti-phase.

Walking Pain, Chronic Back Pain & Slipped Disc

People with chronic lower back pain have difficulty adjusting pelvis-thorax coordination, and the horizontal thorax and pelvis rotation are more in phase even when they walk at higher speeds. This remains the same when they are running, and they have less transverse plane coordination. 

This reduced movement coordination variability can be explained by increased trunk stiffness in people with lower back pain. There is an increased activity of the superficial lower back muscles in people with chronic lower back pain to protect the spine from unexpected movements of the thorax and pelvis during walking. The muscle activity of the erector spinae and rectus abdominis increases, leading to increased stiffness of the spine and eventual aches and pains in the back or pelvic regions. 

The aches and pains in the back or pelvic region are the rusts of imbalances in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ignoreing them can lead to arrhtis, degenrationive changes and slip discs. Let our expert clinical teams fix and repair what caused your back pain with walking to avoid the pitfalls of back pain and slipped discs.

What Should You Do For Back Pain Or Walking Aches & Pains?

Walking should never be painful or uncomfortable. Back pain with walking results when the spine and its muscles malfunction during movement or activity.

CSC provides holistic Corrective Chiropractic combined with Physiotherapy for walking pains, Leg and Back Pain; contact us today to learn what causes them and what you need to do for lasting relief.

Can back pain be healed without surgery or injections?

Back pain can be fixed, repaired, and healed without surgery or injections. To recover, you need focused chiropractic in Kuala Lumpur combined with clinical physiotherapy. However, for chiropractic or physiotherapy to be effective, they need to be corrective and targeted. Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) offers the best corrective chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy treatments in Malaysia. Our chiropractors in KL are amongst Malaysia’s top practitioners. Their success is the result of their commitment to excellence and research. Opt for research-driven care backed with physiotherapy and advanced spine technology for lasting relief from back pain in Malaysia. 

What Causes Back Pain During Walking, Movements, or Activity?

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