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Leg Length Differences Play Vital Role In Our Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a complicated three-dimensional deviation of the spine which includes the lateral bending of the spine, increased lordosis or kyphosis, and rotation and torsion of the vertebrae. Spinal buckling of scoliosis distorts the spine in all directions. There are several types of scoliosis, and each of them has a slightly different etiology. Scoliosis can be found as part of a recognizable disorder, and it can be due to neurologic, muscular, congenital bone anomalies, or developmental disorders. Spinal deformity is commonly seen in neurofibromatosis or poliomyelitis. Painful muscle spasm can result in scoliosis, and Non-painful scoliosis can result from a muscle imbalance due to compensation for biomechanical asymmetry. However, most scoliosis is idiopathic, and there is no single causative factor identified in idiopathic scoliosis.

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How To Measure Leg Length For A Scoliosis Patient?

Pelvic unleveling due to a difference in leg length contributes to scoliosis. Physical examinations and postural radiography can measure unequal leg length. The distance between the umbilicus and the medial malleolus can be measured and compared for leg length discrepancy. We can measure the distance between the anterior superior iliac spine and the medial malleolus. X-rays of the pelvis in a standing position can be taken to look for unleveling of the humeral heads or the iliac crests. These three measurements can be taken and compared to obtain an accurate leg length difference. Correction of the leg length discrepancy can be done by a heel lift on the side of the short leg. 

Where Can You Get Scoliosis Treatment In Malaysia?

To correct and stabilize scoliosis, you will need scoliosis-specific care from corrective chiropractors combined with physiotherapy care. Chiropractic Specialty Center® is the best place for scoliosis treatment in Malaysia. Our clinical physiotherapists and chiropractors in KL provide integrated care for scoliosis through specialized methods and therapy devices to stabilize the spine. We have treated scoliosis patients since 2007 and have had significant successes. Our center has handled mild, moderate, and in some cases, severe scoliosis curves. Visit us today to learn about the best non-surgical treatment options in Malaysia. Scoliosis requires in-depth knowledge, expertise, and advanced therapy given with breakthrough spine technology to stabilize and correct postural dysfunctions of scoliosis.


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