Backache Therapy Options In Malaysia

Backache is the most common complaint in Malaysia today. Also, it is the most common cause of disability in persons under 45. Back problems can result from soft tissue disorders, spinal joint issues, and spinal disc disorders. Soft tissue causes of back pain include muscle weakness or tightness end ligamentous issues. Muscular backache it’s the simplest form of back pain to treat and to recover. Back disorders caused by a ligament problem are more complicated than muscle disorders but not as complex as a joint or a spinal disc problem.

Muscular Backaches

The majority of patients with back problems will report a muscular type of pain at the mid or lower back, which at times may or may not really to the flanks or the buttocks. It is important to note that muscular backache sensations may also be present with ligament issues, spinal disc malfunctions, or joint problems. Therefore, it is imperative to properly access and identify the root cause of a painful back.

Muscular type of back pains is self-limited. In other words, these types of back problems will resolve spontaneously within two to five days. However, if back pain lasts longer than five days or reoccurs time and again, it may not be a muscular back pain entirely; get the best treatment for your back today.

Ligamentous Back Pain

The spine, like any other joint, has many layers of ligaments. Ligaments connect bones and, in the spine, they connect joints and vertebral bodies to one another. The most complex ligament in the spine is the spinal disc. Yes, the spinal disc is a type of ligament, and however, it is the most specialized form of a ligament in the body. Ligaments become problematic in the spine when the discs have degenerated or worn out. Ligament problems are also present and people who sit for prolonged periods and participate in aggressive athletic activities. Spinal joint ligament or ligaments surrounding the facets are the most common ligamentous issue affecting the back.

Back Disorders Caused By Spinal Joints (Facet Joints)

As mentioned, ligaments surround the facet joints (spinal joints). Repetitive bending or twisting at the waist, prolonged sitting, or lifting heavy weights are the main culprits in developing facet joint issues and backaches. Facade imbrication is a term used for misaligned spinal joints. They result when the ligaments that surround the joint thickens or hypertrophies. The medical term for a facet ligament in a facet joint thickened more than usual is facet hypertrophy. Percent hypertrophy is more complicated than muscle issues and ligament issues that impact the spine, and however, they are treatable without injections or surgery.

Spinal Disc Disorder That Cause Back Pain

The most common spinal disc disorder is degenerative disc disease or DDD. A degenerated disc it’s a weak disc. And the generated and a weak disc as a precursor for a slipped disc. There are seven types of slip discs; we have mentioned them below:

  1. Bulging disk
  2. Protruded disc
  3. Prolapsed disc
  4. Ruptured disc
  5. Herniated disc
  6. Extruded disc
  7. Fragmented disc

    Best Backache Therapy Options In Kuala Lumpur

Chiropractic in Malaysia has put together archives of our blog posts that pertain to low back pain and low backache therapy options in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Low back pain is the most common cause of disability in persons under 45. Low back pain can be caused by muscle issues, ligament problems, spinal disc issues, spinal joint problems, or pinched nerves. Regardless of what caused your lower backache, we can help.

Ligamentum Flavum & Low Backache

Slipped discs or perhaps the most common cause of low back issues. Bulging, protruded, prolapse, herniated, ruptured, extruded, and fragmented disks, or various types of slipped discs that cause back issues. The backaches may also arise due to degenerative changes or arthritis. Spinal disc degenerative disease and bone spurs are known factors in the development of back problems. The spinal joint issues that include the generations or misalignments produce back issues or pain due to misalignments or the irritation they cause to the soft tissues that connect them. Another known cause of backache is ligamentum flavum.

Ligamentum flavum is a highly specialized ligament that has contractile abilities. It connects spinal segments and helps realign spinal bones to their proper positions when we shift positions from sitting to standing or from standing to sitting. Repeated injuries to the spine or excessive use of your back while lifting can injure the ligamentum flavum and cause it to thicken. Regardless of what caused your back problem, we can help!

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) has been treating backache patients in Malaysia for over 15 years. We have treated all types of lower back pain, from degenerative arthritis to simple muscle problems or slipped discs. We provide the most holistic therapy options for low back pain patients in town. If you suffer from low back issues or disorders, contact us today to learn about the best backache treatment options without surgery or injections.

Lower Back Therapy Options In Malaysia

treatments and therapies targeted and focused on specific issues. Epidural injections or steroid injections to the spinal cord area or spinal joint areas can damage and cause irreparable harm to your spinal discs, spinal nerves, spinal cord, and spinal joints. Spine surgery often needs The lower back, or the lumbosacral spine is the primary source of back pain. The lumbosacral spine includes the five segments of your lumbar spine plus that triangular tailbone known as the sacrum. The lower portion of the lumbar spine is the area most known to cause pain. The L4 – L5 and the L5-S1 order the two most commonly implicated segments in backache.

We have listed common causes of backache in the lower spine for you below:

  • Slipped discs (bulging, prolapse, protrude it, ruptured, herniated, excluded, or fragmented disks)
  • Facet imbrication
  • degenerative disc disease
  • Degenerative arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Spinal canal stenosis
  • Foraminal stenosis
  • Soft tissue disorders such as muscle and ligaments
  • Pinched nerves

Chiropractic in Malaysia blog post archives brings you detailed information on causes of backache and the best therapy options available for you in Malaysia. Chiropractic Specialty Center® has been treating patients with backache for over 15 years, and our methodology and breakthrough technology can fix and repair any lower back disorder.

RFA Radiofrequency Abolition Surgery In Malaysia

Radiofrequency ablation surgery, known as RFA or the rhizotomy, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is supposed to kill nerves that detect problems for patients with slipped discs or facet-mediated pains. Unfortunately, this surgical procedure will open doors to future surgical interventions, as it does not have lasting benefits. The process includes 123 steroid injections followed by the destruction of pain-sensing nerves and their surrounding tissues.

This procedure aims to kill the nerve that senses pain. In other words, the surge is purposely killing the nerve senses a problem with your back. This is as ludicrous as your mechanic pulling the wire that says check engine light instead of fixing the engine! You wouldn’t do that to your care, and you should never do it for your back!

Take our advice; your body does not come with extra nerves, and killing them is not therapeutic. Before you let them talk into this infamous surgical intervention, contact us for non-surgical and holistic measures that keep your tissues alive. We eliminate the cause of pain by fixing the damaged tissue without injections or surgery.

Avoid Epidural Injections For Lower Back Pain In Malaysia

You should avoid epidural injections and spine surgery at all costs. Back disorders or mechanical issues respond favorably to non-invasive treatment, and epidural injection (steroid) should be the last option. Spine surgery is an option reserved when all conservative measures or therapies have been exhausted. Before you opt for an invasive procedure, contact us to learn about your non-surgical and non-invasive therapy options.

Get the best and most comprehensive backache therapy options when you visit us. For more information, you give us a call on 03 20931000. We are here to help.

Best Treatment For Backache In Malaysia

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) has been treating all types of backaches, including slip-disc patients, for 15 years without surgery or injections. Bulging, protruded, prolapse, ruptured, herniated, excluded, and partially fragmented disks or treatable without surgery. The fully fragmented spinal disc is the only form of a slipped disc that may not respond well with a non-invasive procedure. Our methods of slipped disc treatments are focused therapies given by chiropractors and physical therapists through the NSD therapy® system of care.

CSC offers the best backache therapy options in Malaysia. Our methods are non-invasive, painless, and provided on an outpatient basis. Chiropractic in Malaysia has published several pages on slipped discs and back pain throughout our blog posts. We have compiled most of the articles that pretend to back disorders and this archives section of our blog. Please read through our blog archives on the backache listed on this page. Share these blog posts with friends and family. Should you require assistance, have questions, or need an appointment to assess your backache, please get in touch with our main center on 03 2093 1000.