The link Between Degenerated Discs & Slipped Discs

Degenerative Disc Disease, desiccated disc, or degenerated disc is the leading cause of slipped discs. Slipped discs such as bulging, herniated, extruded, and fragmented discs all have one thing in common. For a disc to slip or herniate through, it must undergo some degenerative changes. The archives tags of Chiropractic in Malaysia provide you with published articles about the link between degenerative discs disease and slipped discs. Moreover, it will help you understand what you can do to help them avoid or recover from slipped discs. Also, we have articles in this section that provides detailed information on the best therapy options for slipped discs. Contact us on 03 2093 1000 if you need more details on degenerated discs, back pain, neck pain, or slipped discs.

Degenerated Disc Disease Is The Leading Cause Of Slipped Discs

A degenerated disc is a damaged disc that causes spinal disc issues such as herniated and bulging discs. Disc degeneration is the first step towards a slipped disc. Contrary to common belief, degenerated discs can also be a source of back or neck pain. As the spinal discs degenerate, they can irritate and compressed the sensitive pain-sensing nerve embedded within the disc.

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Chiropractic Specialty Center® in Malaysia offers holistic non-surgical treatments for spinal disc issues including desiccated discs, degenerated discs, and slip-discs. Our holistic methodologies and breakthrough spine technology will help improve this hydration and repair spinal disc damage without surgery or injections. The blog post articles and archives we have listed on this page will familiarize you with spinal disc issues, including degenerative disc disease and slip discs; should you require more information, do contact one of our centers today.