Foot Pain Causes & Best Therapy Options

Chiropractic in Malaysia blog archives brings you and depth information on foot pain causes and foot pain treatment options. Foot pain can result from several causes, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints. Arch problems or perhaps the most common cause of foot pain. Flat feet or too high of an arch or broad problematic. The articles you find in this tagged section of our blog will help you identify the cause of your foot disorder.

Tendonitis and plantar fasciitis or the second most common causes of foot disorders. Morton’s neuroma and arch problems may also cause treatable foot issues. In Morton’s neuroma, the nerve between the 2nd and 3rd or the 3rd and 4th bones off the feet thicken and enlarge. Enlarged nerves between your metatarsals at the base of your toes that cause Morton’s neuroma can cause severe and excruciating pain at the metatarsal arches of your feet near the toes.

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