Headache Causes & Therapy Options

Chiropractic in Malaysia blog archives on this page covers the cause of headaches and the best therapy options available that eliminates a headache at its source. Headaches are caused either by vascular or neurological issues. The most common cause of a neurological or vascular headache is often linked to your upper neck, jaws, or the base of your skull. The upper segments of the neck control the vascular supply to the brain. A misaligned upper neck spinal segment can interfere with the blood flow & the vascular supply to the blood vessels that supply nutrients to your brain.

Chiropractic Specialty Center® has published several articles that pertain to headaches and migraines on our blog. We have combined the articles related to headaches and migraines with this tag on this page. Reading the articles on this page will help you identify and understand what caused your headaches. Understanding the source of your headache is the first step towards recovery. If you have any questions about headaches or migraines, please contact our main center on 03 2093 1000.