Painful Walk Causes & Best Therapy Options In Malaysia

Walking pain and painful walks affects the legs,  knees, or hips. Patients would slip discs or nerve impingement in their lower back may also report difficulty while walking. To recover, you will need to fix and repair the actual cause of painful walks without injections or surgery.

The most common cause of a painful walk or walking pain in the leg or a painful leg during a walk is a deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Another cause of walking aches and pains is claudication. Claudication can cause walking pains because of an underlying circulatory disorder such as atherosclerosis. Patients with atherosclerosis will report a cramp-like sensation and the calf muscles when walking. Those with deep vein thrombosis report a similar sensation when walking a specific distance. To recover, you will need to have the root causes identified.

Diagnosis & Treatment For Painful Walk

The first step towards recovery is an accurate diagnosis followed by focused holistic therapy options; we can help. Patients with vascular issues well benefit from diagnostic ultrasound. Those with spine and joint-linked disorders may find X-rays or MRI examinations more useful. Contact our Center for a thorough assessment today.

Painful walk is horrible. Eliminate the root cause of aches and pain when you walk. They are treatable & reversible; read our archives and articles at the bottom of this page to learn more.

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