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Upper Crossed Syndrome Therapy By Chiropractic And Physiotherapy

Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) provides holistic non-invasive chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments to correct and stabilize an upper crossed syndrome. 

Upper crossed syndrome may involve neck pain with or without radicular pain in the upper limbs. Some patients may even complain of numbness or tingling sensation in the upper limb. Muscle imbalances resulting from prolonged static posture are one of the leading causes of pain and paresthesia. Patients commonly present with anterior head carriage and rounded shoulders. This can result in muscle tightness in the pectoralis muscles, the anterior chest muscles, and the suboccipital muscles near the base of the skull. Muscle weakness of the deep neck flexors and rhomboids or mid and lower trapezius is commonly found in a person with the upper crossed syndrome. 

Treatment for upper crossed syndrome should include a multi-modal approach to addressing every component of the problem. This involves chiropractic treatment and physiotherapies, such as therapeutic rehabilitation exercises, manual therapy, ergonomic advice, and postural retraining. Joint mobilization or manipulation can improve segmental spinal mobility and reduce neck stiffness. Removing trigger points and releasing tight muscles in the neck and upper back, such as suboccipital muscles with myofascial release techniques, help to improve neck and shoulder mobility. Stretching of the anterior chest muscles is essential to prevent rounded shoulders.

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Postural Exercises & Training For Upper Crossed Syndrome

Postural training plays a significant role in improving the signs and symptoms of the upper crossed syndrome. However, many health care providers often ignored the importance of postural training of the lumbar spine and pelvis, as this can affect the position of the thoracic spine and head. The treatment program should include re-education and correction of the cervical, thoracic, and scapular positions. Taping may serve as an excellent tool in postural retraining.

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