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Choose one of our several chiropractic treatment centers for combined care from top-rated physiotherapists and chiropractors in the Klang Valley. Chiropractic Specialty Center® (CSC) has provided integrative and collaborative spine, joint, and sports injury treatment through physiotherapy and chiropractic in Malaysia for over 15-years. CSC provides award-winning physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment for all types of spine and joint conditions. For more information about our services, hours of operation, and locations, contact our main center today.

What is Chiropractic & How Can It Benefit You?

Chiropractic treatment is a holistic alternative form of healthcare that focuses on the spine and joints of the body along with all their muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connections through the nervous system.

Chiropractic treatment is not just about the spine but also structures and systems associated with your spine and spinal cord.

  1. Nerves and the nervous systems (controlling and monitoring mechanism of the body)
  2. Bones, joints, cartilage, and fascia
  3. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments

The focus of chiropractic treatment is to improve the neuro-musculoskeletal system by eliminating any biomechanical dysfunctions or disorders resulting from compressed nerves or spinal cord impingements (dysfunction of the nervous system). The most crucial benefit of chiropractic treatments is the natural methods that help you recover without medication, injections, or surgery.

Get Chiropractic Care By Licensed Doctors Of Chiropractic (D.C)

The first step in getting benefits from chiropractic treatment is to ensure that a genuine chiropractor gives your chiropractic care. Some bonesetters and other alternative healthcare providers still claim to offer chiropractic services or chiropractic-like services in Malaysia. However, proper chiropractic treatments and chiropractic services can only be provided by individuals who have attained a university degree in chiropractic and a chiropractic practicing license. 

Are Chiropractors Doctors?

Chiropractors are Doctors of Chiropractic. It is important not to confuse Doctor of Chiropractic with Doctors of Medicine (MD or MBBS). Doctors of Medicine (M.D. or MBBS) diagnose and treat patients with all types of diseases and illnesses, whereas Doctors of Chiropractic focus more on the spine, joints, sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and nervous systems issues. Chiropractors treat two manual methods of chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation services to improve their patients' recovery from illnesses and conditions that impact the neuro-musculoskeletal systems without medication, injections, or surgery.

The Top 20 Chiropractic Benefits You Can Expect From Certified Chiropractors

  1. Diagnoses the root cause of aches and pains
  2. Holistically treat pain and injuries of the spine, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  3. Fix and repair the root causes of problems
  4. Improve endurance, strength, and mobility
  5. Decrease or eliminate misalignments in joints and spine
  6. Improve immune system by stabilizing a dysfunctional nervous system
  7. Help decrease fluctuating blood pressures by getting rid of intense pain
  8. Regenerate degenerative changes in joints and cartilage
  9. Improve the quality of your life by helping you maintain and improve your activity levels
  10. Aids in reclaiming lost physical activeness
  11. Increased longevity, has chronic pain can lead to a decreased lifespan
  12. Gets rid of headaches and migraines
  13. Relieves tinnitus, dizziness, and vertigo
  14. Decrease symptoms associated with hiatal hernia
  15. Improves the vitality of the reproductive systems and organs by eliminating neuronal issues and enhancing core and pelvic floor muscles
  16. Decrease postpartum and prenatal aches and pains naturally
  17. Keeps you and your baby healthy and active at all stages of pregnancy, including post-delivery
  18. Improve posture
  19. Improve sleep
  20. Decrease and eliminate the source of inflammation, stiffness, rigidity, aches, and pains

What Benefits Can You expect From Chiropractic Treatment Combined With Physiotherapy?

Dr. D.D. Palmer established chiropractic care on the premise of stabilizing the nervous system, nerves, and musculoskeletal system through chiropractic care. The benefits patients get from chiropractic treatment combined with clinical physiotherapy are even more remarkable. For example, if the patient has a slip-disc in their lower neck that compresses the spinal cord or spinal nerves; it may indicate problems or issues with:

  • Neck and upper back
  • Shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers
  • Organs in the chest abdomen
  • Legs (when cord compressions are significant)

Combining physiotherapy with chiropractic treatments provides you with all the benefits that chiropractic has to offer, plus physiotherapy. The combined integrative benefits of chiropractic and physiotherapy are why Dr. Yama Zafer, D.C. launched Chiropractic Specialty Center® in 2007. Contact one of our centers today to schedule a thorough assessment by top-rated chiropractors in the Klang Valley.