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RxDecom® is a state-of-the-art decompression table explicitly built to treat neck pain, back pain, sciatica, spondylosis and slip disc (herniated disc, protruded disc, prolapsed disc or slipped disc) non-invasively, as an alternative to back surgery. These include but are not limited to conditions arising from sciatica, herniated disc, protruded disc, extruded disc (Slipped Disc or Slip Disc), arthritis, disc degeneration or spondylosis. The treatment is pain-free and quite relaxing, in fact, many patients fall asleep during their time on the RxDecom® table.

RxDecom® is the ONLY spinal decompression device that customizes each treatment to the patient's individual condition based on their age, weight, height, diagnosis, the severity of a disease, general health and much more. This makes it the most advanced, unique and smartest spinal decompression system in the world today. In fact, with our success rate of over 95%, we have been able to help many patients to return to everyday activities without having to live in pain.


Spinercise® is a unique muscle strengthening machine that can focus resistance on specific, isolated muscles. With the assistance of our chiropractic physicians (chiropractor)and physiotherapists, Spinercise® is a vital part of our regimen which aids patients with the rehabilitation of spine and joint injuries and disorders. Using a specially designed harness, the patient is prescribed a custom number of repetitions for the affected area. We have developed Spinercise® to deliver non-linear resistance as it assists recovery without straining sensitive vertebrate and joints, a needed component for improvement in patients diagnosed with slip disc (slipped disc) or Spondylolisthesis.


TheraFlex™ is another one of our advanced therapeutic devices that complements the chiropractic and physiotherapy procedures in our center by explicitly targeting the spine. It is used to treat numerous conditions that affect the neck, upper back or the low back such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, arthritis, spondylosis, herniated disc, protruded disc, extruded disc, bulging disc (which are collectively referred to as “slip disc” or “slipped disc”) and degenerated discs. Our chiropractor administers treatment on the TheraFlex machine. Patients find this procedure soothing as it involves gentle motorized flexion of the spine.


At Chiropractic Specialty Centers, we go beyond traditionally known chiropractic care. Our combination of muscle strengthening programs, physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises are the key to a successful recovery. And treatment with ultrasound is just another element of our regimen that helps to enhance the rate of improvement. It also plays an essential role in preventing recurrences of injuries. Unfortunately, most physiotherapy facilities misuse this device as the therapy must be rendered appropriately to the individual condition. Rest assured, we have world-class facilities with professional staff (US Board Certified Chiropractor and Certified Physiotherapists), and we have already demonstrated successful treatment in thousands of our patients in Malaysia.

Manual Therapy

At the Chiropractic Specialty Center™, we utilize condition specific methods of manual therapy. Unlike others, the manual therapy you receive in our centers is focused and targeted to enhance the effectiveness of other services and to speed up the pace of your recovery. There are hundreds of muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the human body and our professional physiotherapists will ensure that each treatment is adjusted based on your specific condition. Therefore, the manual therapy you get in our centers is diagnosis specific and highly targeted. As a direct result, improvements are achieved at a much faster pace. The manual therapy you get in our centers is rendered either by our chiropractor or our physiotherapist. Our method of manual therapy is also unique and was designed by our in-house team of American chiropractors and certified physiotherapists. When our method of manual therapy is combined with other physiotherapy and chiropractic procedures, the efficiency is unmatched. Our means of care is thoroughly researched evidence-based systems and techniques as employed in all processes, which also includes manual therapy.

Electrical Stimulation

A critical element in the treatment plan, Electrical-Stimulation is ideal for assisting in strengthening the affected area without moving or aggravating painful joints. Although it has a daunting name, it actually provides the most pain relief in the regimen. After a 20 minute session on our electrical stimulation device (better known as Interferential current therapy or as “IF”), you will instantly feel the difference as it helps to stabilize and strengthen at the same time.
There are many different kinds of Electrical Stimulation devices on the market, and most are primarily ineffective in our experience. Therefore, we have selected the best-of-breed American technology to offer our patients as a complement to our own systems, methods of care and techniques as present in all our centers. Through Electrical Stimulation we can now provide:
  • Interferential Current Therapy (IF)
  • Russian Stimulation (used by us to strengthen muscles)
  • Biphasic current
  • Micro-Current Therapy

Trigger Point

Trigger Point therapy as performed in our centers is specific for soft tissue disorders and injuries. Trigger Points are areas of nerve and muscle malfunction. When the controlling nerve to a muscle is not functioning correctly, muscles being controlled by that nerve will also malfunction. Through our focused means of trigger point therapy, we will focus on and undo associated neuromuscular malfunctions, giving you instant relief in most cases. There are many types and forms of trigger point therapy. The kind of treatment utilized by our chiropractor or physiotherapists is soothing. We believe that you do not have to go through more pain to get rid of the pain. The “No pain, No gain” attitude is not followed in our centers. We believe that when the therapy has NO PAIN, the patient has MORE GAIN. Therefore, our approach when rendering trigger point therapy or any other form of therapy and procedures is to ensure that it is not causing you more pain. Unlike others, our motto is: “NO PAIN, MORE GAIN!”

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